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About the Writer

Susan Billings Mitchell is an author who does her own research and sometimes her own illustrations. Her interest in writing was jumped started in Fourth Grade when she won a deluxe box of crayons in a poem contest and it took a leap the next year when she won a tin of watercolors for First Place in the Fifth Grade Story Contest. Later she was appointed Editor-in-Chief of the high school newspaper and at one time, considered a career in journalism, but chose rather to focus on family, histories, and teaching.


As a volunteer storyteller for many years in various school and public libraries she was led to puppetry, costumed storytelling and eventually to ventriloquism. Her all-time favorites are true stories about real people; thus, Stalwart Stories was created to find and preserve true stories from the past that inspire, motivate, and empower hearts of the present. Her tagline is: Hearts Turn When History Talks!


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